Need some help... NEW BC396XT user

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Jun 9, 2008
I just bought A Uniden BC396XT for Christmas and I love it so far. Its a lot more complicated than my Pro95 was though. So my question is and I hope dont confuse anyone is...

the departments that im listening to are made up of a bunch of different systems. I'm slowly learning how to program my new scanner and for the most part i am able to pick up tranmissions from all the different networks. But it seems that I pick up some better than others. I can hear some departments that are 400 MHz and are 25 miles from my house but the department right down the street is 400MHz and I dont hear them all the time. So If i can get some advice on how to program my scanner and set the squelch and off set so I can make the most of my scanner. Im slowly teaching myself but I want to start to make the most of my new scanner. also any advice a good attenna for my BC396XT. I want one for the top of it not an outside one for my house. EX of the systems Im using are as follows.

Southwest Regional Communications Network (SWRCN) Trunking System, Brookpark, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies
Westshore Region Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Thanks for reading and I hope Someone can help me out

Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Welcome Andy!
We quickly hope you will consider
a second home!
I would consider making a post in the Ohio
forum as I know there are others in your area
with 396XTs that might be better suited to help
you out with the specific systems in use in your
area. You have already figured out one of the
challenges of any radio monitoring: radio signals
change from day to day (hour to hour) and there
is no guarantee of reception of anything :)
Radio systems are designed to cover ONLY the
necessary area and "null" out outside areas.
Could be that the system near you is designed
with its coverage pattern facing away from you.
Could be that you are just in a "dead spot".
Could be that you are trying to monitor a
type of radio system that your radio can't receive.
Alot of variables come into play and I am sure someone
in your local area can help you get questions like the above
answered. We also have a wealth of info in the Wiki
and here in the forums.
Enjoy your radio and Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR
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