need some help winnebago area

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Feb 3, 2014
ok I got my new yagi antenna and and getting great signal but the problem is my signal is great when it is 857.46250 reguardless of what talk group is on it but on the other channels it sucks at best - even when it is 859.98750 and I belive that is the control channel - I think I am missing a lot of transmissions over a lot of channels cause i almost only hear anything on the 857.46250 - shouldn't I be hearing stuff on all kinds of frequencys in the list? I thought I could just point it at the closest tower and let it scan thru the talkgroups and everything would come in good? its only 7 miles away- and I cant get nothing in good from Outagamie county that shares simulcast with Winnebago . I am starting to get frustrated as I have no idea what else could be wrong ? one frequency comes in crystal clear out of the bunch and I know that Menasha Neenah and town don't go 30 min without radio traffic or county sherrif ??????????
Winnebago/Outagamie county shared simulcast
arc 500
pro 106 lmr 400 10'run only to yagi tuned for 806-960 MHz and ony listen to trunked 850s MHz - 2nd story pointed at tower 7 miles away and another about 17 in same direction
live in Menasha need help
sorry for posting all over but getting sick of it
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