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New 375 Foot tower in Gaston County

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Dec 19, 2002
West of Charlotte NC
There was a story in Saturday's Gaston Gazette about a new 375 foot tower that was completed at the South Point/Belmont Fire Station at 2300 South Point Road. A $600.000 homeland security grant paid for it.

Gaston and Mecklenburg counties as well as South Point VFD have formed a partnership to promote radio interoperability between all emergency first responder organizations in the region.

The new tower could save gaston County $12,000 a year in rental space. Private cellular service will also be permitted to lease space on the tower.

End story...

I like how homeland security grants paid for it, and they are also renting out space for cell companies :roll: I bet they can put nextel on it as well as an 800 repeater, then they'll wonder why it does not sound too good :lol:
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