New articles or ones to be deleted?

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Jul 22, 2002
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Viewing the following link, I see nearly 2 dozen pages which are not linked to anything; these are referred to as orphans in the wiki parlance, and as written in the user's guide, are discouraged...

Orphaned pages - The RadioReference Wiki

The reasoning is simple; if nothing links to the article, no one would know where to look to find it. If it's not found, it's not read (nor updated). It serves no useful purposes.

The procedure to clean this up is simple; wipe the article so there's absolutely nothing in it, then send a note to W9RXR or Bezking and they'll delete it.

If you want to keep the article and need help linking and categorizing the article, any of us (myself, Bob or Ben, among many others) can help with this - just yell and we'll get back to you.

If you're familiar with the material in these articles, please take a moment and let them know what can be cleaned up

Not open for further replies.