New BCT15x user my hair is all but good since i got this unit

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Jun 11, 2014
Hey guys I got this scanner to scan 2 meter broadcast. I have never done this before and it's at least complicated, or so I t seems.

So far I have setup freescan and got used to it alittle.
I have been able to upload to the scanner successfully.
I found the 2 meter freq but am a little unsure which one to scan ... I am in the San Francisco area and it looks like form what I have read different areas have sets of freq's I went to the Radio Reference data dase and down loaded into by pc the excel spread sheet... but that is confusing... all I looking for is the 2 meter freq's used by local 2 meter amateurs.

I was hoping this was no big deal... :)

I did find 25 and loaded them in using freescan, I want the scanner to scan only the 2 meter freq's. so I loaded ie 146.400... free scan added 2 more zero's ? so now it looks like in freescan 146.40000.

Also their are features in freescan that have check boxes like L/O , Tone, ToneLO, Att, Pri, Mod( has a drop down box) audio type( has a drop down box) .

I don't see anything explaining what I do with these features... Again all I wan tto to do is turn this thing on and scan 2 meter.

I have been struggling with this for a month now...... is, there an angle out there that can help??


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I would suggest 2 places to look - the Easier to Read guide for the 15x and the FreeScan user guide

Let's start with the FreeScan user guide -- you can get to it via Help / Online Help from within FS or directly from here... (links are always blue)

FreeScan User Guide - The RadioReference Wiki

and as for the Easier to Read guide - that link is found at the bottom along with many others you may find helpful and can be found here...

Program your DMA Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

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