New Chum To Scanning in Oz

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Sep 14, 2016
Inverloch, Victoria, Australia
Dear Forum Members,

I have had limited success with using my amateur hand held radios for scanning. I prefer, one radio, one job. in the next few months I will be venturing out to purchase my first scanner. A friend whom I hold in high regard as recommended the UBCD325P2 for its ease of programming. I should add my location is in Melbourne, Australia. Well, just outside Melbourne.

I plan to use the scanner at two different locations. One in Emerald in the Dandenongs and the other at Inverloch by the sea. My friend has recommended a hand held as we do suffer power failures due to storms and God forbid bush-fires. The caravan park at Inverloch is our getaway from bush fires and holidays by the sea.

I have down loaded the manual for the UBCD325P2 and am quite intimidated by all the different settings. It looks like a rather steep learning curve. I suppose the rewards will be there in the end. I wish to say again. I have never owned a scanner. Let alone one that does trunking.

As I do not wish to disturb my friend with all my newbie questions I thought I would post here.

Is it possible to set up two or more different locations in this scanner?

Can you group channels by area or a name? I have no idea of what I am trying to say here. In my Yaesu VX5R I can set up to 24 channels in one group.

I do require a lot of guidance. I am currently suffering from PTSD and other ailments. Please be gentle. It took me as an example 4 years or so to have a pole erected with a 4 element 2 metre yagi so I could chat and listen to my Ham friends back in Melbourne. A distance of 92 kilometres with a large in hill in the way. It works. What I am trying to say. Is that I like to plan ahead and know what I am getting into before rushing in.

If there is anybody with knowledge of the UBCD325P2 and Victoria, Australia. Could you please jot a few lines in response.

My friend said that the GPS feature and Home Planning do not work in Australia.

Warm regards,

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