New City of Sandy Springs

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Jan 9, 2004
I live out of the Atlanta metro area and just found out the unincorporated parts of Fulton County, north of Atlanta city limits to the Chattahoochee River, have become the new city of Sandy Springs. Accoring to the Journal-Constitution, Sandy Springs will launch it's own police force July 1 with 85 officers, later boosting it to 120, and forming it's own fire department. The new citys' website says the city of Roswell will provide 911 servce.
So, does anyone know if Sandy Springs will operate on the Fulton County trunked system, Atlantas' or what? The Fulton system is an old Type 1/2 hybrid and will no doubt see it's day soon. Upon further reading, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners is trying to figure out how to keep county government running, as the remaining unincorporated areas of the county will become four or five new cities. I read the Fulton County Fire Chief just quit, as did heads of other county agencies. Wow, talk about a mess!
Any ideas as to who will provide communications? Will the new metro area GEWIN system be a factor? Neighboring Cobb and DeKalb Counties are building out new digital systems.
Thanks in advance for the info!
Not open for further replies.