New Frequency Greenbrier State Park

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Sep 29, 2007
Boyds, MD
My family ad I went to GreenBrier State Park located in 21843 National Pike
Boonsboro, MD 21713. Thats Washington County. I took my trusty pro 96 and began
searching for frequencies. I found that The Park usues 151.325000 CTCSS 114.8

The life guards on duty and park rangers use motorola walkie talkies. I estimate them to
be using about 30+ units and a base radio located at the offices where the restrooms are.

There were some iinteresting transmissions today. 2 kids were lost 7 and 9 so the radios were
very active. They thought that a body was found in the lake but false alarm and a 3 year old
wandered from a playground. but Everything was ok at the end of the day.

I did hear them asking to go to channel 2 so I am assuming 151.325000 is channel 1.

I Checked FCC License search and that freq for boonsboro is registered to maryland state of dnr
with call sign of kru980. So if you go to the park tune in and hear what's happening. If you find Channel 2 post it here.

Thank You,

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