New Greenwich Talkgroups

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May 7, 2011
Fairfield. CT
I've noticed a few new talkgroups floating around on the Greenwich trunked radio system over the past few weeks, and have only recently been able to assign names to them since all GPD/GFD/GEMS radios have just been reprogrammed (even though I don't know the exact purpose of each).

15056 PS 1 ("Public Safety 1")
15088 PS 2 ("Public Safety 2")
These talkgroups have been programmed into all GPD, GFD, and GEMS radios and are apparently reserved for special events in which more than one agency is involved to provide interoperable communications.

14544 GHS PATCH (Unknown)
This talkgroup has been programmed into all GPD radios, and at first glance would appear to be some sort of patched talkgroup related to Greenwich High School. However, I have heard both MED 5 and MED 1 (Southwest CMED) repeated on this talkgroup, so I have yet to identify its purpose (this talkgroup is not programmed into GEMS radios).

14992 STAMFORD (Unknown)
14512 FAPERN (Countywide Hotline)
These talkgroups have also been programmed into all GPD radios. I have not yet heard any traffic on STAMFORD, but I'm guessing it's some sort of interagency tactical channel between Greenwich and Stamford. FAPERN is obviously a patch to the countywide police hotline.

These are the only new talkgroups that I have found. I am not aware or any new channels or talkgroups on GFD radios. Some of the marine talkgroups (island beach, ferry boats, etc.) have been added and/or renamed on GEMS radios.
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