New guy from SEMO

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Jul 8, 2014
St.Francois County Missouri
Hello fellas, new to the HAM radio.. Getting more and more interested in the technology. Really kind of fascinating, so much to it.

So I got interested into this potential hobby by stumbling onto Bao Feng UV5R radios on that gosh forsaken YouTube, and I'm soon to be ordering one of them. I don't really have a question about the UV5R, I know from the reviews I have seen it's the correct radio for my needs/ interests.

I suppose I really need help with understanding the differing radio (?) services, bands etc.. Is there a good beginners guide to HAM radio that kinda hits the basics of most things HAM related?

I have a CB in my work truck and it's kinda neat and all, but the range on them is just so limited, and it seems the only time there's any chatter is when it's locked down gridlock.

(Not really looking for anything from these HAM radios, I intend to set my first up to scan with, just local frequencies.. Typ EMS, POLICE, etc... If I had a better understanding of what the UV5R ~can do legally~ (without a HAM license) I would set two or more up here locally for just the low power GMRS?? Radio for farm to farm.. But don't want to break laws.

Anyway, just thinking out loud, if you see anything above you want to comment on please do, I'm not shy.

A good link to a basic HAM tutorial, or suggesting a book would be great. (It's the Bao Feng UV5R or UV82 or nothing, were kinda poor, LOL, so discussion of Yeasu or Kenwood, etc, it's just not going to happen for us)
Not open for further replies.