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May 16, 2006
Central Pa.
Hi folks,

Just found RR and it is an excellent source. Quite a forum!

I live in Union County-can someone turn me on to other freqs not listed in the database here for Union and Snyder counties?

I'm not too far from the Leweisburg federal pen-any one got the info for them?


I'm a former two-way tech, after a spectacular burnout working for one psycho after another-never again!!-:mad: I quit in 1999 and am just starting to monitor the (lack of) activity here, having moved from NJ in 2004.

Just picked up a Pro-97 and for a scanner as opposed to commercial portables, I'm pretty impressed. I'm a rail buff and needed to have a "nice" scanner as opposed to the Pro-92, now the beater, which took too many drops onto pavement when I was out photographing.

In the database I see no trunked info for this area, but in searches I grab several Motorola-sounding control channels in the 866-868 region... any ideas?

Don't mind the rambling and rapid-fire questions! :lol: I'm trying to catch up here. When I got out of the business, there was no Apco-25 or God-forsaken sounding Open Sky. That sounds like a real debacle from what I read here-will this mean that every L.E. agency wind up there or will that be an option? Hope the new toy won't become useless too soon!:roll:

Thanks for listening!

Not open for further replies.