HFDL New HFDL Ground Station and System Table?


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
We've been burned by this before, but evidently there have been several messages on the HFDL Yahoo group (and a few on the UDXF) that there's a new HFDL ground station on the air, and with that, a new system table. According to 'John', it's (quoting here) right outside Taecheonan-gil, on a peninsula in the southwest coast of South Korea. Google Earth shows 2 towers with the characteristic guy anchor points. It's about 14km from Muan International Airport.

I am attaching a text file with a prelim new system table - it's station 10, currently marked as UNKNOWN (I have added notes to its location). If this is true, this would be Table 51. This is not yet an official release, and likely won't be until it's copied off the air. Submitted with caution....Mike


Sep 13, 2014
Reykjavic seems to be on the older table still, Riverhead NY is on table 51 and I presume the rest of the western ground stas will be 51. Will have to check the rest of the ground stas I can hear to see for sure.