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Jul 22, 2002
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From Ary Boender, UDXF, and copied here verbatim. Any transcription errors are entirely mine.

Hi - Mike Simpson had made a major relaunch of his free software Display Launcher:
Description - Mike's Utility Programs

It now receives up to nine data streams of e.g. decoder PC-HFDL in parallel and presents the most essential data in a table. Furthermore, each entry is hyperlinked to Flightradar24, and you can draw each aircraft with position and route on Google Earth - just by a mouse click. There are also some more features, plus a remarkable acceleration on dealing with e.g. 150.000+ messages.

Under the hood, Mike spent considerable work to deal with inconsistencies of transmitted data like GPS coordinates and flight numbers.

All in all, the most recent version is a great breakthrough to deal with the massive data coming from the most active network on HF, namely HFDL.

As parallel reception, demodulation, decoding and analyzing of nine HF channels is as fascinating as it maybe new topic for some people, I placed a step-by-step recipe-like introduction nine-pager PDF on my website:

By this method, we European are good for 45.000+ messages each 24 hours.
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