New (-I assume) NXDN Trunking network found near Boise, ID

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Jul 25, 2020
Hey all, first ever post on RR. I was looking around the spectrum with SDR# a few weeks ago and found an active NXDN voice channel, something I had not yet seen in my area. As I said in the title, I live on the south edge of Boise ID, within 10mi of the airport and as far as RR is concerned there are no NXDN48 trunked networks in the area so I'm wondering if anyone else in the area has heard this on the air. I recently got a second RTL-SDR for trunking, and just today fiddled around with DSD+ and it's trunk-following option. I came up with the following data:

Network R5
Site 6
3 Channels:
Ch10 CC on 451.7500MHz
Ch25 VC on 452.3000MHz
Ch38 VC on 452.7250MHz

I successfully set up some batch files on DSD+ and monitored the traffic for about an hour today. Most of it seems to be about trucks, telling drivers to pull up further, and confirming that they are loaded. I listened to raw audio of the Control Channel using an analog scanner hoping to hear a morse ID at some point in the hour -never did. Before I had the trunking software set up I did extensive geosearches on the FCC-ULS database for any users of the specific frequency 451.7500 in the Boise area under the YG service code (industrial/business trunked). The closest thing I could find was Teton Communications Inc. out of Idaho Falls. They are allocated the specific channel of 451.7500, and even more convincing is that ULS states they are using 4K00F1E (NXDN's emission designation) along with other schemes on that freq in at least 4 locations. That info is available here: ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked License - WPPU500 - TETON COMMUNICATIONS INC - Frequencies Summary According to their website, Teton Communications is "...a fully staffed, professional sales and full service wireless business, providing guidance in the selection of wireless products, system integration, installation, repair and licensing" and appear to be a dealer for Kenwood as they offer "FleetTalk" products. All of that being said, none of their services (according to either ULS or their website ( )) cover Boise, let alone the surrounding area. The closest coverage map ( ) shows services around McCall. Anyone familiar with my area knows what kind of terrain is between me and them, so I'm doubting it's coming from there.

Anyway, if anyone in the area is interested in turning an ear towards those frequencies I'd be really interested in seeing what you could come up with, especially if you can positively identify the station callsign/license of the station. That would allow us enough information to start compiling data/contacting system admin and get this site loaded onto the RadioReference database.

Looking forward to see what y'all can come up with!


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Jul 18, 2016
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There are a few Pacific NW businesses that use 3rd parties to extend their larger RAN system. Silke and Wiztronics in particular. Check frequencies against CA/OR/WA too. Day Wireless (OR) has the DMR/TRBO market.

PS. The Airspy Mini (or R2) is a better USB SDR option. Higher quality and its internal preamp can really help pull in those weaker signals.
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