New Internet speed record blows past Google Fiber

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Dec 27, 2004
Oakwood GA, USA!
key note here: Done in Lab

a controlled environment, no factors related to degradation of already in place "existing" copper networks. to implement, the ENTIRE copper network over a certain age would have to be replaced. most copper lines... i assure you are over that limit. some have been there for years if not decades.

30m ? most large apartment buildings would need longer than that.... now require repeaters for each 30m of cable

GRANTED: the test is successful, but implementation is FAR too overhead in cost to justify it.

fiber gets cheaper by the day... copper is now being targeted more and more by metal scrap thieves. ever seen what happens when someone tries to steal copper from a 50KVa underground Transformer and clips/touches the wrong cable?

even the thieves, despite the telecoms and industries attempts to "stealth" the cables, are figuring out which ones are which. putting more copper on the lines, more and more at risk for stealing.
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