New license for Air Method in Norolk

Jul 8, 2007
Northeast Nebraska
LifeNet was testing over TG 50723 yesterday. From what I gather, there is a disagreement that is ongoing (or settled??) between LifeNet and the State over using the SRS. Since LifeNet is a "for profit entity", vs the SRS is open only to "non profit entity". LifeNet is over ORION on a occasional basis, at least when I visit Omaha, or when I can hear ORION during tropo enhancement. Douglas County may have a different agreement on handling "for profit entites".

Kind of odd that there is a disagreement since City of Norfolk owns the 800 SRS site. Unless there is something I don't know.

The Racom Norfolk site is still spewing out CC data noise, but its been silent since roughly the end of July, or I haven't been around to catch anything on it.


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Nov 12, 2006
Council Bluffs, IA
As of Tuesday, LifeNet in Norfolk moved to a conventional UHF repeater. LifeNet is no longer using RACOM. I would expect the Norfolk RACOM tower to get decommissioned soon, since LifeNet and the City of Norfolk were the last holdouts on that tower.