New Live Audio Feed, Arkansas Emergency Weather Network

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Mar 2, 2003
This channel monitors the Emergency Weather Networks of the CAREN club & the CAUHF club in central Arkansas. This feed covers all of central Arkansas with officially trained storm spotters, most of whom have been through the storm spotters class provided by the National Weather Service. You will often hear about severe weather, tornados & damage reports here BEFORE you hear them on your local RADIO or TV stations. These licensed Amateur or "HAM" radio operators are the backbone to reporting when severe weather strikes! Hams have a direct link to the National Weather Service in North Little Rock.

NOTE: During NON-severe weather times you will hear the "Hams" talking back and fourth between each other, about everyday life topics! They make for some very interesting stories!

You can learn more about Ham Radio and severe weather spotters through the respective web sites listed below. These are the two largest groups of storm spotters in the state of Arkansas, through their links and networks with other Ham Radio operators throughout the state of Arkansas.

As a new feed we will be tweeking audio levels for the next few days.

Also the Little Rock Fire Department Feed and MEMS feeds should be getting a new outdoor antenna system in the next few weeks that should improve the quality of those streams.

The Arkansas State Police Troop-A feed recently hit 791 listeners during the recent tornado outbreaks that struck Arkansas on April 30th. Making it the most listened to feed during that time across America. We received a $50.00 gift certificate for for breaking the 750 mark that RadioReference awards feeds that break the 750 listener mark. That will be reinvested into a new antenna system for the LRFD and MEMS feeds, that should make a significant difference in those feeds.

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Not open for further replies.