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New Look

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Jul 22, 2002
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Yep, it sure does. I love the new database pages - and I'll bet that once folks find out about the csv downloads, that's going to be a real popular feature.

I see that the wiki has gotten a bit more visibility, with the new 'wiki topics' section in the left frame on the home page. Boy is THAT overdue - great idea! Are there any plans to expand that list - we've got several pages that would be good candidates (even if the names are a bit too long...); such as

- Antennas
- HF
- Common Frequencies
- Satcom
- Downloads (to take the place of the former section)
- Trunked Radio Decoders (ditto)
- VHF/UHF Military Monitoring

Way to go, Lindsay. 73s Mike


Mar 30, 2006
Everything looks good, only draw back I don't like is on the main database page. It was easy to click on states next to mine. They could have just color coded the states like they do that table now.
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