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Oct 3, 2006
Hey guys, I just got started scanning. My grandpa used to enjoy it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm listening in Columbus near KOSU (don scott airport), on a RS Pro-97, for which I've purchased the cable and am using Win97 to program.

I haven't had any trouble adding the trunk for CPD, but for some reason, the CFD,Franklin County Sheriff, OSP and Hospital frequences (as indicated in the RR database downloaded into Win97) don't seem to be working properly. I've imported all of the information, with each of the problem systems going in its own bank on my scanner - there aren't any other frequencies stored on that bank, with the exception of OSP, for which I've put post 5&6 on the same bank.

When I turn on the scanner, CPD works fine, but if I disable it, and just scan on, say, CFD, scanner says "all channels locked out.

What could be wrong? I don't think I've made a mistake inputting the data, as CPD works. Do these other departments encrypt? Are these splinter systems?

I'd really appreciate any advice you could offer, as I'm excited to get started looking at these frequencies. If anyone has time, I'd be happy to exchange some email and try to resolve the problems. It's probably just something stupid I'm missing . . .



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Aug 15, 2001
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Manually go through the channels of that bank to see if the Memory channels have a frequency programmed in.
If not, then the import did not fully load. Usually when the Pro-97 shows "All Channels Locked Out"
then it either wasn't programmed or it erased the memory in that bank. Try reprogramming it.
Make sure you save your Win97 files so you won't have to go through the entire import process each time.

For an easier to understand manual on the Pro 97 surf to this site:

You can also forget about programming OSP into that scanner, you won't hear them.
All State agencies (except for ODOT's low band comms) now use the statewide Ohio MARCS system.
You will need to get a digital capable scanner to monitor that.
The Pro-97 does not DO digital.

I also have a Pro-97 and I love it.
It a great scanner.

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