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Jun 8, 2008
Pittsburg, CA
Just recently found this forum. =New Member!

From Antioch/Pittsburg, CA

I just purchased the PRO-164 ($184.01 out the door at RS) I didn't need the adapter since I've got one for the PRO-94 and just needed the "C" adaptor (*** FREE *** - the 94 uses an "H") and have just been tinkering and searching the web since.

I will agree that the manual is big time deficient, so I downloaded the PSR-300 manual. Tried to find out how to reset (re-initialize) the scanner from the manual but was looking for the word reset not initialize? Oh well, my fault.

I couldn't get the scanner to accept the addendum frequencies and after an initialize (reset) it accepted the addendum program setting.

Oh well that was fun.

I've ordered the Data cable from RS and have downloaded and looked at WIN97 and it looks like an excellent, easy to use program. Just waiting on the cable.

I checked my firmware version by finally locating the key stroke and found it on the web and NOT the manual.

Turn on the unit and press 3 while the initializing screen is on.

Mine comes up with...

CPU Application
version 1.00

I find that Radio Shack has a Firmware version 1.02 available at...

I also find that GRE has their Firmware version at 1.03. They also show a version 1.02.

Radio Shack version 1.02 has a date of 3/13/08 and GRE version 1.02 has 2/22/08. Radio Shack does not describe what issues this firmware addresses.

The GRE version 1.03 has a release date of 5/1/08 so I wonder if a similar version for RS will be released?

Radio Shack's version is 420Kb and GRE is 170.92Kb and the GRE 1.03 version is 245.55Kb. From what I understand about EPROM programming this may be the difference in the units and makes them incompatible. The EPROM software might be looking for another programmed chip that verifies the unit as being an RS or GRE brand and will not allow interchangeable usage or data cloning.

I just plan on enjoying the scanner and don't consider this my hobby. I look forward to digesting all of the info I can here on this forum. Looks GREAT here!

I'll probably find answers to most of my question already posted here somewhere.
Not open for further replies.