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Apr 30, 2010
Houston, Texas north suburbs
Hello everyone worldwide via this very sophisticated, user-friendly machine thingy called the world wide web /or/ internet.. I'm a new member of this forum and and have always enjoyed communications things. I am an INactive amateur as you can tell by my USERNAME ~ but in years past
was very active in two-way and public safety scanners. Back in the late 90's when I first joined the internet in it's infancy, I used a URL website called which allowed users to listen to various P.D. frequencies LIVE.. A few were in NY, CA, and TX. I thought this was pretty cool.
Just noticed FYI that on my WELCOME page just below my ID name, this system message is being displayed:: ~~~You last visited: 12-31-1969 at 06:00 PM~~~ Wouldn't that have been terrific?? I would have
been 19 years young and would have had this internet thingy to play with and occupy my spare time....LOL
Members here may not care much for my views ~ I can be controversial at times. My faith and religious beliefs are NOT mainstream by any means. But I don't dwell on trying to impress others. Yet, I do believe the TRUE date of the Rapture of the 'ELECT' by Jehovah God will be May 21, A.D. 2011 (just a little over a year TO GO) followed by 5 months of hell on Earth culminating with the total annihilation of the entire Universe (created by Jehovah God) on October 21, A.D. 2011.. see the hyperlinks I have listed on my profile JUDGMENT DAY or Family Radio Worldwide We Can Know! Christ's Return on Judgment Day: May 21, 2011 Is annihilation true? - Home
God bless America and the world in these difficult, trying times... See 'ya around...
Not open for further replies.