new mother board live scanner not working

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Aug 13, 2008
provo ut
ok so i had everything working great then my comp crashed i needed to buy a new motherboard and prosser so i did got it up and going now when i try to listen to my live feed it has a bad reverb it playes then it echo's over and over and over never stoping till it is talking over its self so bad you cant under stand what is being said also every sond that plays on my comp is playing through my feed i cant get my inputs to be seprat if i plug in to mic or line it all plays out at the same time i think its the new mother board any help would be nice thanks

oh ya i had a asus p4s800d-x befor now i have asus m2n68-am se2
i also thought i might need to get a new oddcast program set up for my new comp ??
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