New Radio (for me) !!!

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Nov 6, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Hello Uniden Followers, lol

I recently posted the following on another Forum Site:

Hello Forum Folks!!

I am a VERY happy owner of the HP-1 (E) with all the recent updates successful. I
love having the radio in my vehicle (along with others), and if travelling it becomes
MANDATORY, lol!! I also like to bring the radio inside the house in order to "mess
with" the "Analysis and Discovery" features. I'm getting tired of running out to the
truck when I want to mess with said features, especially if the weather outside is
not perfect, lol.

I have been keeping an eye out for a second HP-1+(E)+Tax+Shipping, with a total
price of <= $500 USD. Such a deal has not jumped out at me.

Early this morning a thought came to me. Why not just make the second radio an
HP-1 with NO (E). I could leave it mostly in the car and leave my current radio
mostly indoors. I could pull the trigger on this immediately for about $460 + tax at
a nearby Fry's Electric.

My questions(reason for this post) are:

Will I be able to use the current Sentinel 2.02 (Revision 4) Software to load current
configurations in the HP-1 (E) into the new HP-1 (NO E)

Will I be able to use the current Sentinel 2.02 (Revision 4) Software to download
future configurations in the new HP-1 (NO E) into the old HP-1 (E)?

Does anyone see possible problems of any kind with this "limited" purchase
scenario? Anyone out there have "one of each"? If so, will I run into any
overpowering reason to get the second (E)? What say UPMan? Will I be a happy


Then a little later I followed it up with:

Well, I couldn't wait. I went to my nearby Fry's and grabbed one that was
"re-boxed". I wouldn't have considered this in the past, but I have had a year with
the "old" one, and I figured that I could run a few quick tests.

Shockingly positive to tell the truth. A few quick button presses and I was hearing
Dispatch to Units from Glendale PD, Phoenix PD, MCSO, and AZ State University
Security. There is a good reason to use the Zip Code option, after all, lol!!!!

The Glendale reception was particularly interesting. The Officer was inside the
Security Room at a Wal-Mart in Glendale, and the Fry's Store (I-17 & T-Bird) has
what appears to be a completely steel roof. The Officer sounded like he was
standing "in my face". Nice bright, clean, crisp, screen and graphics. Thirty days to
make sure I like it.

The Good = $437 USD, the Bad = 9.3% AZ Sales Tax of $40.64, and I guess I'm the
Ugly, lol. Well, time to "re-open" the box.


Back to now. Well, I opened the box and I hooked up the HP-1 to the waiting power, USB. and
anten.....Oops, no adapter (DNS to BNC?), bummer, gotta use the stock antenna.
Within seconds, Sentinel (latest version) loaded the radio with my previous
configuration (HP-1 (E)). When finished I pulled the USB plug out and the radio
started scanning AND receiving a lot of my regular RWC Multi-site, Simulcast

Wow, not bad for the stock antenna. Within another few seconds I got another
pleasant surprise. All my bells and chimes (Alerts?) are ringing and are associated
with the correct TG's. I thought they were something recent?

Then I went out to the antenna "bone pile" and found two more adapters (DNS to
BNC?). I threw one on and hooked up to my unbelievable roof
antenna/booster/splitter arrangement. It's (RWC) solid blah blah blah now!!!

Just some information for the curious, and

Thanks Uniden, for making this smooth and painless!!

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