New roof time - Antenna mount options


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Nov 8, 2019
Schenectady, NY
We are due to replace our roof and my spouse is pushing for a metal roof. So baring all of the discouragements of "don't buy a metal roof for XYZ reasons"

I currently have all my feeds from a single dual band mag-mount on an Iron plate in the attic. I also have a directional TV antenna up there too. That will probably be attenuated with the metal roof. with the roof replacement this will let me break my Ham 2m, Ham 70cm, rail, into different antennas. I will also be adding a GMRS repeater one day, so I would like to provision for that as well. I will probably put up four or five different antennas on the roof. HF would be nice but that is a long way off.

Since she is the wife and will get her way, what are the universal recommendations for mounting any Antennas on a metal roof? I have needs for the following bands.
- TV
- Amateur 2m
- Amateur 70cm
- Rail (Rx only)

Additionally, what are the thoughts of a mast planted on the ground and bi-pod to stabilize against the side of the house for one of these.?


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Feb 22, 2007
Do a couple of masts pinned against the side of the house and ground properly.;)


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Jul 27, 2005
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That will probably be attenuated with the metal roof.
It absolutely will.

I think a tower is a good option based on the number of antennas you have. For a GMRS repeater, its range is dependent on antenna height, so the higher the better.

If a tower is out of the question….
Have the roofers install a "roof jack". This is essentially a feed through onto the roof. I'd put in a minimum of 2" diameter. Place a weather head on top and you'll have a safe way of getting coax out to the antennas.

At our PD, we have a steep pitched metal roof. When the place was built, we had them put in a bunch of 2" diameter pieces of rigid conduit bolted to the rafters. Those stick up about 3-4 feet above the roof near the peak. The 2" conduit has a weather head on top to route coax through. Antennas are mounted to the 2" conduit.

If your Minister of War and Finance will allow it, that's a good option. At minimum, having them install the roof jack with a weather head would be a good idea.


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Jun 9, 2006
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Now I get to convince the wife I need a Tower. I will go though the village handbook and check what their requirements are for a tower.
If the village's requirements seem too outlandish, approach them about it. If they are unwilling to consider changing, then it would be time to look at a possible PRB-1 preemption.