New RS Pro 106 user needs HELP (In Bowling Green/Warren County area)please!

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Feb 9, 2010
Bowling Green,Ky
Hi Guys,

Larry suggested this to me so I thought that I would post this to the forum. I am reposting this with Bowling Green/Warren County in the header to hopefully get someone from the area to lend some help please. Thanks!


Re: [RadioShackPRO-106] New Pro-106 in Bowling Green Ky and need help setting it up please?

Another to sign up on Radio Reference and post on the KY Forum for
someone in your area that has the 106 or simular to assist in a PGM or CLONE.
Even if you have to pay a few $ for this its worth every penny. If you are lucky
with PGM or CLONE then buy software and backload the scanner into the software
package. I use WIN500 from starrsoft. NOW, you can see whats in the scanner and
what needs attention. The learning curve is VERY deep. Also join WIN500 Yahoo
groups and look at sample PGM's so you get the idea of what the PGM should look
like. You can learn lots from just looking at the data. Tec level for scanners
used to be like a C-10 Chevy pickup. Now it's like a Space Shuttle. I have both
106 and 197 and a retired 96 along with several others. I like my 106/197 best.
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