New Security frequencies


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Feb 12, 2011
Regina, SK, CANADA
On the old Prairie Mobile LTR system in Regina, there used to be lots of nighttime security traffic, (Garda?) but for some months now, there is now NO traffic at all on this system, which I believe is now deprecated. I suspect they have migrated to a newer DMR or NXDN system. Does anybody know where they went?


Jun 12, 2018
Calgary, Alberta

I'm not from Regina, but seeing as how no one is responding to your question, I can tell you that in my home town (Calgary) a huge amount of traffic is now going over to PTT on LTE (Some term it "PoC" - Push to talk over Cellular). Its a push to talk service with low(ish) monthly rates and a device that acts as both a phone and a 2 way radio with group and i-calls - using the cellular network and its unmonitorable GSM mode.

Our local LTR trunks have been getting quieter and quieter over the years - with this year seeing a bunch of users (including a large security company) going off to cellular PTT. I regularly listen to all of our LTR trunks, as well as our DMR and NXDN systems and, from what I am seeing, users are not taking up those new digital modes, preferring to go to cellular - I imagine its a cost thing.

The vendors seem to be pushing PTT over LTE and even over WiFi on there websites and don't even mention the large LTR systems they have. In some cases, they don't even mention the DMR systems they have! I bet if you listen to your DMR/NXDN systems you will find the same thing - commercial use of trunked radio systems (in general) is on the decline. The 2-way vendors are all pushing their PTT over LTE solutions.

Good hunting - I hope you do find them...