New Site 2-102 & 2-052

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Feb 8, 2004
Glenwood Springs, CO
2 New Sites

Both Zone 2

Site 102 Cinnamon Crk Complex in Glenwood Canyon (also known as hanging lake tunnel)
Site appears to be very low power. Was surprised that I didn't have better coverage inside of the tunnel, it dropped out in several places inside. Only able to hear it a 1/2 mile on either side of the tunnels. They may still be working on it. Just came up late last week, I didn't notice it until this morning. I would put money that the 6th channel will show up as a voice channel once I'm able to catch some traffic on it. 856.5875 Since the new radios come in a 6 channel configuration, they have been upgrading most sites to a minimum of 6 channels.

#This section is here for information only. With the exception
#of the Call Sign(s), This data is not Read back into the program at all.
System ID : D1C
System Name : Colorado DTRS
Tower Number (Decimal): 2-102
Tower Number (Hex) : T0266
Tower Description : Cinnamon Crk Complex (Glenwood Canyon)
Control Capabilities : Data,Voice,Registration
Flavor : Phase 1
Call Sign(s) : WQYX962
Timestamp : Mon Sep 4 11:39:06 2017

#Format: Table ID,Base Freq,Spacing,Input Offset,Assumed/Confirmed,BandWidth,Slots

#Format: Channel,Usage,Frequency(/Slot),Input Channel,Input Frequency(/Slot),Input Explicit(1/0),Hit Count

#Format: TowerID,TowerIDHex,System ID,Channel,Frequency,Tower Name
226,"T021A",d1c,"00-0395",853.47500,"Glenwood Springs - Lookout Mt"
247,"T022F",d1c,"00-0399",853.50000,"Castle Peak (Upper)"
259,"T023B",d1c,"00-0431",853.70000,"Blowout Mtn"

- - - - - - - - -

Site 52 appears to be the Aspen - Hunter Crk Water Plant site. Control Frequency of 853.600.
Neighbors are reporting it this weekend as failed, current, so my guess is that they were trying to get it operational last week. I passed by there a couple of weeks ago, and the antennas were up but no cables at that time. Generator and AC had been installed. WQXX673

Williams Hill neighbor report:
#Format: TowerID,TowerIDHex,System ID,Channel,Frequency,Tower Name
252,"T0234",d1c,"00-0415",853.60000,"Hunter Crk Water Plant - Aspen"
266,"T0242",d1c,"00-0457",853.86250,"Ajax / Aspen Mountain"
286,"T0256",d1c,"00-0345",853.16250,"Crown Mtn"

Pitkin County still has several additional sites under construction. Expect them to come on line soon.

-- Chuck
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