NEW Skywarn Organization in the Charlotte area!

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Catawba County, NC — FF/EMT, COML, AUXC, Skywarn
Jul 7, 2010
Greetings all,

We have had a few big changes locally occur within the past week. For starters, the Charlotte Regional Skywarn no longer exists. It was disbanded last week (4/14/20) due to irreconcilable differences between the leadership. HOWEVER, nothing to fear, as I have been in contact with NWS GSP and I have formed a group of experienced trained Skywarn operators which we are named "Gaston Regional Skywarn" officially going online on 4/18/20. The caveat is our current coverage area is Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, & Cleveland Counties. That's not to say in the near future we can't take on any additional area. And no matter where you live, we can still take your severe weather report and pass it on to the NWS you don't have to live in 1 of our counties to give a report! We operate primarily on the 145.350 K4ITL repeater in Dallas, NC (-offset & 82.5 tone) and we run weekly nets every Tuesday night @ 7:30pm and offer some type of weather-related training at each net. We use this repeater for our Warning activations as well. If you're in the area come by and check us out, and if you're around the area and have a severe Warning you're more than welcome to come by and submit a report if you area within range of the repeater, reports will never be refused, providing they fall under the NWS reportable criteria. Our website & social medias will be given below. Thanks for your time and hopefully will talk to some of you in the future!

Facebook: Gaston Regional Skywarn FB
Twitter: Gaston Regional Skywarn Twitter
Website: Gaston Regional Skywarn Website

David Coviello
Emergency Coordinator, Gaston Regional Skywarn
Volunteer Firefighter & EMT
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