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Nov 12, 2006
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Just saw this letter:

This bulletin is to provide formal notification to the users of the South Dakota Statewide Radio System of timelines associated with the system upgrade and actions that will need to be taken by agencies with radios operating on the system for their equipment to remain functional.

The public safety radio system currently in use in South Dakota was installed from 2001-2003. As with all technology, this system has a technical shelf-life and will need to be upgraded prior to 2025 when all support for the system will be discontinued. The next step for our system and users will be to the Project 25, or P25 standard which will be a new operating system for both the system and radios. Significant planning and infrastructure upgrades have been ongoing, with investments of around $13m over the past five years to prepare the system for this transition. The next step is to ensure that all radios are capable of operating on the new system, which will involve upgrades and replacements.

2017-July 1, 2023: All radios operating on the statewide system will need to be equipped with the P25
Software and programmed with both the legacy and P25 profiles.
December 31, 2017: It is our goal to have any updated programming templates available.
July 2023: Begin system conversion regionally. Users will move to the P25 profile in their radios.

Agency Responsibility:
As in the past, agencies are responsible for their radios; the state will maintain the network. Agencies should begin now to (1) identify what radios you have, (2) work with your regular radio service shop to determine if your radio is equipped with the P25 option, and (3) determine internally a path ahead for your radios, be that upgrade or replacement.

Below is a listing of most of the radios compatible with our legacy system and pertinent information. Please coordinate with your radio service provider for information on your radios:

Sales To:
Repair To:
EF Johnson5100/5300discontinueddiscontinuedCapableOriginal series radios, replace.
EF Johnson5300ES
CapableAgency decision to update/replace.
EF JohnsonVikingCurrent line10+ yearsCapableP25 capable by default.
KenwoodVikingCurrent line10+ yearsCapableP25 capable by default.
MotorolaSpectradiscontinueddiscontinuedNot capableReplace
MotorolaXTL/XTS 2500discontinued12/31/2019CapableUpgrade only light-use radios.
MotorolaXTL/XTS 5000discontinued12/31/2018CapableUpgrade only light-use radios.
MotorolaAPXCurrent line10+ yearsCapableIf not P25, add software to radio.
Note: XTL/XTS upgrades (appx. $600) will only be available until 12/31/2017. After that date XTL/XTS radios not upgraded will need to be replaced prior to 7/31/2023. For all compatible equipment pricing: or contact your local radio service dealer
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