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Dec 19, 2002
I just moved here from Columbia and I'm looking to figure out the systems in the area. I can't seem to find the Frequencies for the York tower for the Pal800 and I have yet to hear anything on the York County system. I have a UNiden BP 250 Digital scanner (a little aged). Just looking for some help.


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Dec 10, 2000
South Carolina
The Palmetto 800 site for York County is called Newport, site 47, control channel is 860.7875.

The York County system is P25, which means it uses a 9600bps control channel format. Even though the 250d (with digital card) is digital, I don't believe it supports the P25 control channel standard. You could program the system voice frequencies in as conventional, and it'll decode the digital voice (marginally because York Co. is simulcast), but you won't be able to trunk-track with that scanner. You'll need to upgrade to a newer digital scanner model, but even then reports have been discouraging about their performance on the York Co. system.

You can decode the digital talkgroups on Palmetto 800 with that radio because P800 still uses the 3600bps control channel format. I'm not sure which agencies those might be that affiliate in York Co - maybe Chester SD and Lancaster?

Hope that helps.


Apr 29, 2001
Fort Mill, S.C. (just south of Charlotte, N.C.)
Brian is correct about the BCD250 not being able to trunk-track the York County P25 system.

If you are in the Indian Land area, I would suggest monitoring both the Newport and Lancaster sites for the Palmetto 800 system. As you travel south on Hwy 521, radio affiliation moves from the Newport to the Lancaster site.

Someone else may have more information, but I haven't heard LCSO suing the Pal 800 talkgroups attributed to them in the RadioReference database, or seen any of the officers carrying 800 handhelds. The employees of the county fire office do use the county's 800 conventional channel for chit-chat.

On Palmetto 800, I primarily monitor the following talkgroups:
- SCHP dispatch and tac
- regional government
- mutual aid
- Lifenet

Stations 5 (Van Wyck), 10 (Indian Land) and 14 (Pleasant Valley) are the fire stations (from south to north) in the Panhandle. Stations 10 and 14 pull alot of structure fire, alarm and first responder calls together.

Fort Mill responds for any alarm calls involving the IL schools. Wesley Chapel and Waxhaw FDs (Union County), as well as Carolinas FD (Mecklenberg Co), will also respond on some calls in the Panhandle area of Lancaster Co.

When Lancaster fire depts respond to calls in York County, monitor 155.535 / 127.3 R. York Co patches their working fire talkgroup to this conventional repeater for interoperability. The repeater is also used when Med Center Air, out of Charlotte, responds to a patient transport in York Co. When the conventional repeater is not in use for interoperability, York County EOC will sometimes broadcast amber / silver / weather alerts and BOLOs to those monitoring the channel.

Lancaster Co EMS 4 and Indian Land Rescue are the primary ground medical responders in the Panhandle. LifeNet and Med Center Air are the primary medical helos serving the area, with MCA taking most of the IL calls due to their proximity. LCEMS radios have MCA's VHF channel - 155.325 / 91.5 - in their radios. LifeNet operates on the Pal 800 system, but has the ability to come up on VHF to work LCEMS's channels.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly.
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