New to trunk scanning

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Dec 27, 2013
Choctaw, Oklahoma
Hello Everyone,

I am kinda new to the scanning world, more from a time before digital etc. Non the less I have recently acquired a RadioShack PRO-163 Triple Trunker. I don't have any software or cables to assist in uploading new freq's (which is on my get list). I was able to program some of the Oklahoma City freq's and am able to hear them just fine however there are multiple agencies on there that I woud like to seperate. I currently reside in choctaw and would like to seperate Midwest City, OKC, Midwest City EMS (which I know is MWC Fire), and all the little towns that are surrounded by OKC on the same Freqs. I apologize in advance if this a duplicate thread as I did try search before posting. When I was reading through RR as far as EDACS and OKWIN it looked pretty Greek to me. So please if you could dumb it down as best as possible I would appreciate it. Also is there any place that would load my scanner for me in the metro area.

Not open for further replies.