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Nov 5, 2002
I have a discriminator tap from a scanner to my laptop to decode Apco 25 through DSD+ , always works perfect.
Today I turn on the laptop and scanner, and I hear a short burst of error code, ( not all that unusual) then the Ap 25 decode starts. I go to the laptop and look at the screen to see the TG of the dispatch and DSD+ is not scrolling. DSD went back to the command prompt but it is still decoding all frequencies? So what it is telling me is that DSD has stopped working and to get it back working I should have to put in the command at the command prompt. But it is still working without initializing it from the command prompt,I have never have I been able to run it without the line command?

Anyone else experience this? And not that I am complaining by any means, it is just like my own little phenomenon.

Not open for further replies.