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Feb 18, 2012
Jefferson City, MO

I ran across this forum when I started considering using higher end radio equipment for my amateur activities--which I am still considering. Due to mission-type differences, there is much to research and learn, and that is why I'm here.

I am considering a purchase of an APX 7000, programmed strictly for Amateur use, later in the year. I'm interested in the UHF-1/VHF model. I don't have a need for 700/800 trunking, and am not really much for scanning other bands for which I am not authorized.

I have a very strict ethic on this, and am a legal eagle, relative to most things. I do my research before jumping into the radio waters, and value my privileges greatly. That said, I do enjoy listening to public service activity at home, sometimes, and have a bearcat scanner that doesn't do too badly.


Now, a little bit about myself and my interests:

My name is Stephen Brown. I've been an Amateur since 1991. My call sign is N8PZT. and I hold the Amateur General Class license. I am domociled in Jefferson City, Missouri.

I'm happily betrothed :), and have been married to 'My Life' (Wife) for just a little over six years now.

Education-wise, I'm a full-time, 100% online college student, attending Jones International University; I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration-Generalist. This is a four-year, Bachelor's degree program. I intend on focusing on entrepreneurial activities (business ownership) later in my program--or perhaps sooner, depending on markets and personal interests.

Employment-wise, I'm a contract computer technician. I work primarily with specialized staffing agencies that contract with independent technicians, like myself. My main focus is the hardware end of things. I'm not involved with any computer programming at this juncture, although I am pursuing the interest. Some languages of focus are C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby/Rails/Ruby-On-Rails.

I hold a Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL) without HazMat (no major interest.) I possess the Tanker and Double/Triple Trailer endorsements. I am not active in commercial driving at this time.

Communications-wise, I enjoy anything having to do with portable or mobile radio, and am just getting interested in the new digital modes that are becoming popular. I am interested in portable and mobile radio servicing practices, and am pursuing apprenticeship possibilities as an alternative to college, although getting a degree has always been a lifetime goal of mine.

I would be interested in hearing from people who are apprentices in the radio servicing industry.

I do enjoy sports. My favorite outdoor sport is Geocaching. Next is bicycling both full-suspension mountain and road biking. I also enjoy long-distance backpacking and general hiking, especially day hikes to beautiful places. I target shoot, primarily at local ranges. This is very popular in Missouri, and the famous Bianchi Cup is held just 40 miles north of me. My firearms of choice are primarily by Sig-Sauer and Kimber (.40 S&W and .45 ACP). I also deer hunt, but haven't in many years, and haven't at all since moving to Missouri from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, where I'm from, originally.

I miss a lot of the weather up there, and enjoy winter sports, such as snowmobiling, Alpine (Downhill) and Nordic (Cross-Country) skiing, as well as snowshoeing. Here in Missouri, I interpret the seasons as Spring, Hot, Cooler, and Blah! ;-) The foregoing notwithstanding, I *do*, in fact, enjoy the fact that I can ride motorcycles longer out here. My most recent bike was a Honda Silver Wing (FSC600) maxi-scooter., which I sold last year. Right now, I have my eyes on the 2012 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive, which is the largest production scooter in the world!

Aviation-wise, I have a few 'student hours' in Cessna 152's (Late 80's) and the Piper Tomahawk (Traumahawk ;-P). My most recent flight is in a Cessna 150 with an instructor in 2004. I am interested in avionics advances, and GPS systems for aircraft. I am especially interested in composite aircraft, such as those designed by Burt Rutan. I plan to finish my Private Pilot's License in the next five years.

I am also an amateur GPS/GIS nut. GPS is, of course, the Global Positioning System, which some people use for APRS and DMR location servicing. GPS has also spawned such outdoor sports such as Geocaching, a high-tech GPS treasure hunting game with a world-wide participation. Geocachers are sometimes called "those people who use a billion dollar satellite system to find TupperWare®." This is because many geocaches are tupperware-like containers. Geocching is a world-wide phenomenon, with the US and Canada hosting many annual geocaching events. Germany is huge, after the US and Canada, for Geocaching.

GIS stands for Geographical Information System, and is, put simply, computerized mapping. GIS is used in many cities and counties for what is termed 'Asset Management.' This might take the form of a database which the local public utility works uses to map where all their known manhole covers are. An electric cooperative could use a GIS to show where all their substations are located. The uses for GIS are endless.

Google Maps and Google Earth are examples of GIS Databases, with Google Earth having many layers (streets, buildings, etc.)

I currently am working with GRASS GIS and Quantum GIS (qgis) on the Arch GNU/Linux OS platform. I am not really a windows person, although I do use it for certain proprietary program necessities, such as DirectX gaming and radio programming software, etc. When I do game, I usually am involved with EvE Online, a space role-playing game (MMORPG.)

I am not an ARRL member at this time, for those who might be interested.

I enjoy reading, and am a considerable bibliophile (book nut.) I'm looking forward to future premium membership, so I can read all the posts in the many databases.

Thanks to all who read this post. I look forward to sharing with all of you and learning much about radio.

73 de N8PZT/Stephen
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