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Jul 22, 2002
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Our original front page for the wiki was more than adequate when we had around 1000 articles; but anyone that has been following this for awhile knows that the collaboration project as caused our wiki to grow by a factor of 4 over the last year or so. It had become woefully inadequate to the task. In fact so much has been added, we now have several environments within the wiki, each detailing a different discipline or area.

Our new wiki front page is written using 'gateways' to each of these virtual areas. It borrows pretty heavily from the format used by the Scan New England website. Our new pages have a number of changes (apart from the cosmetic colors and boxes);

* The main page now lists a small number of articles specifically targeted to the newcomer.
* The popular articles area comes right from the MediaWiki software itself. It has a special function that allows one to see the most popular articles
* The popular topics area is just that - some of the more common articles and topics referred to over and over again by you, the members
* In the equipment and software gateway, we have articles that stress how to enter changes for rebanding using several different software packages
* The HF gateway has links in the utility area for articles introducing listening in various services
* The Scanners and Scanning gateway stresses the various FAQs that we have for programming and understanding the new DMA and object oriented scanners. Note that a wiki category is nothing more than a gathering of articles that discuss the same logical topic - just click on the article to read it.

By spreading things out a bit, we can change and add to an individual gateway without affecting the others, and it better indexes some of the categories and articles we've had in the wiki for some time, but were a bit hidden - you had to dig to find them.

Check them out! 73 Mike
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