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May 18, 2007
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A New World Systems Public Safety Solution Will Benefit All Greene County (Ohio) Public Safety Agencies

Troy, Mich.— The public safety agencies in Greene County, Ohio are looking forward to new software that will improve safety and communications and allow agencies to share critical information. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has signed a contract to license New World Systems’ Aegis/MSP® Public Safety Solution on the Microsoft® platform to replace multiple systems for police and fire agencies in the County.

Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer recently said New World’s software will be “priceless” to police and emergency workers throughout the County who are currently operating on less advanced disparate systems. The new solution will bring all County agencies together on an integrated, multi-jurisdictional system that will reduce redundant data entry, provide a better database for investigators and improve reporting processes.

The Board of County representatives thoroughly evaluated software solutions for nearly three years before selecting New World.

“Through our research and due diligence, we came to the conclusion that New World is best suited to meet our needs right now and into the future,” said Captain Eric Spicer, Greene County Sheriff’s Office. “We were impressed with New World’s stability, customer service model and how much money they invest in product development.”

New World will provide the Greene County Sheriff’s Office with Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Law Enforcement Records Management, Fire Records Management, Corrections Management, and Mobile Computing software developed in-house using proven Microsoft® technology, industry-standard Windows® Server and SQL Server. Because the entire solution shares a single database, County police, fire and emergency workers will have easy access to accurate data from the integrated system. This will eliminate manual reporting processes and dramatically increase the amount of available information for criminal investigations.

Mobile Computing will provide County police with new feature-rich Field-based Reporting. For the first time, officers will be able to complete and submit reports from their vehicles while out in the community. The new CAD solution will also improve and streamline communication between the four Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in the County during an emergency or disaster.

“It is going to be outstanding to have the different PSAPs in the County connected with New World’s CAD,” said Captain Spicer. “This easy communication between PSAPs will provide long-term safety benefits for the County. In an emergency or disaster, we will be able to transfer calls and responsibilities between PSAPs.”

New World’s software will help Greene County Sheriff’s Office provide better service to more than 150,000 residents and ensure all of the public safety agencies in the County have advanced up-to-date software and accurate records well into the future.

“We found a single source solution in New World Systems,” said Captain Spicer. “We were pleased to see they maintain their long-term maintenance agreements, which has made them a strong company with more financial stability to continue development into the future.”
About New World Systems
New World Systems, a public sector software company in Troy, Michigan, has provided software solutions for public safety and public administration organizations since 1981.The Company designs, develops, markets, supports and implements the fully integrated Logos® Public Administration Suite for local governments and the Aegis® Public Safety Suite for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS. New World Systems has more than 600 customers comprised of more than 1,200 public sector agencies across the United States.

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