Newark: 2 in 1hr...Car Jacking/Shootout and Shooting

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Jan 24, 2010
Westfield, NJ / Labrador City, NL
Incident 1: Rapping up, but at 22:26 Newark PD located a stolen car, pursued, perp exchanged fire with police, and wrecked the car. Vehicle flipped over near 22 Johnson Ave, perp entrapped and extracted by NFD L-5, and transported to UMDNJ in critical.


Incident 2: Happening NOW (23:58) - One black male, one black female shot, both in the back, at 303 Sherman Avenue, Pat & Bill's Bar, in the 5th Pct. Victims extremely critical. No info on suspect or suspects at this time. Only available unit in 5th Pct arriving on scene 24:00h. All others still tied up on Johnson Ave or at UMDNJ. Attempting to find other units to respond.

UPDATE 00:21 - Essex County Crime Scene and Essex County Tech Unit being requested by units on scene, per orders of *Unit 1, Newark Police Director* who is now on scene.


00:35 - Out of the 5th Pct, two shots fired calls being reported while the chaos of these shootings in the last 90-someodd mins is still going on. One on Pennsylvania Avenue, missed the address. Other is at 68 Chadwick Avenue at Madison Avenue. Calls are being dispatched simultaneously. ESU responding with no patrol units available.
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