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Jul 1, 2008
Faulkner County, AR
I am not sure where I should post this so am posting it in a couple of places.

I have had a Pro 97 for several years that I never used. I have decided I would like to use it but found the programming very tedious, and had little sucsess doing it manually.

I have since learned that there is a program available called Win 97 that would allow me to program from my laptop. I purchased a cable from RS and paid for my subscription here on RR. I have loaded the software, and did get some frequencies loaded into the scanner.

I am struggling with all the terms and abbreviations here. I am sure I will learn as time goes on. This is what I am struggling with the most right now.

I live in Conway AR, Faulkner County. When I import from Win 97, and use Faulkner County as my search criteria, I am not sure which frequencies I should download. At the moment I am camping at Toad Suck Lock & Dam, which is in Perry County. All I see for Perry County is the "Awin" system. I am not sure what this is, but I think it is digital and I don't think my scanner can use those signals.

With what I have loaded thus far, I see on the display transmissions from UCA Police, Stuttgart Reginal?? (long ways away, maybe a helicopter) and I have seen Faulkner County a few times, as well as Greenbriar Police Dept.

So any suggestions on "Which" frequencies I should use would be helpful.

Also, is all of AR going to this AWIN system?

Should I be looking at a Pro 96? or a radio that will recieve digital? And will the Win 97 Software work with the Pro 96?

I have not paid for the Win 97 yet as I am waiting to find out if it is going to work with the scanner I have now, or if I am going to get a different radio then I may have to buy a different program.

Sorry to be so wordy, this is all very new to me.

Thanks in advance for any help.

ps. I see a field for "Tags" at the bottom of this page, what are tags? and how should they be used. Thx
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