Newbie Torn Between Two Radios - Degen 1103 or Tecsun Pl-660

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Mar 26, 2017
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I want to keep this short but I really need your help especially anyone who is experienced in these radios. Recently I decided to take my SWLing hobby up a notch so I bought a rather cheap shortwave radio. I don't have that much money and experience to invest on desktop radios so I stick to portables.
I am happy to find that a store not far from where I live is selling a Tecsun PL660. I decided to invest on this radio after watching dozens of Youtube video reviews saying it was good. However, reading other reviews online from websites like Amazon and eHam I became worried of this radio's durability and end up "dead" just after a few months or weeks using it. This seems to be the greatest complaint from buyers of the Tecsun 660 - their radios just end up DEAD. I honestly cannot afford this radio and if I get a dud that would start acting up just after warranty then this is a really huge loss for me.

On the other hand, the same store is selling my old "crush" the original Degen De1103 (no DSP). I have always liked this radio because of its hybrid analog look and it seems very easy to operate and it does not have that scary review the Tecsun 660 has in Amazon. My gripe is the shortwave capture quality does not seem to be as good as the 660 based on some Youtube videos.

My shortwave hobby consists of listening to your average international broadcasters, oddity and numbers stations and some hams and pirates over here. The Tecsun 660 is very expensive for me although I have saved enough to be able to buy it I'm worry on its long-term use. However, the Degen is only half the price and it does not have durability issues. I really need help on which radio to buy.

PS. I only have to choose between these two because these are the best portables available in the store the rest are really expensive desktops.
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