Newbie with BIG Pro137 & ARC137 problems

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Dec 31, 2011
Spring Hill, TN
As a newbie, the learning curve is high for me right now, so please bear with me. After reading several forums and blogs, the 137 seemed like an easy entry level unit to start off and lots of people liked the ARC137 software.

So, a few months ago I picked up a PRO-137. I then purchased the ARC137 software to program it. I also bought the Scanner cable 20-546 from RS. For the life of me - I cannot get this scanner programmed for anything!

My problems apprear to be two-fold: 1: I just cannot figure out my Pro137, and; 2: I am having trouble with the ARC137 software/interface.

I can turn on the scanner, but it says "All Channels Locked Out" and I can't figure out how to unlock them. I don't know if I managed to do this, or if it is/was a default setting. Either way, I cannot get it unlocked. This may/may not lead to my other problem - the software.

The software doesn't seem to pull data from the scanner. Yes, I installed the cable driver, and have the Full Version (1.21 build 1). I have received no error messages in the software, and the unit says "Wired Programming Mode" so I assume it is communicating - yet I get nothing! The software screen does not populate any data whatsoever. I even tried both the "mono" and "stereo" plug - but still get nothing.

At this point, I do not know if any of the issues are symptoms, or the cause. I have read, and re-read the 137 users manual, as well as the software manual, trying to figure all of this out on my own. However, I am simply lost.

Can anyone help?? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!!
Not open for further replies.