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Mar 16, 2012
OK here we go, I used to have a rs-30 old but dependable saved me in a twister about 10 years ago, I programmed it by hand and it did all i needed. Well I lost it in a house fire last year and decided after a close call with a twister a couple weeks back it was time for a new scanner the rs pro 164 was on sale for $139 so I got it, the usb cable and I have the arc300 software and premium package to this website I live in madison co. al.(35759 zip) ,Huntsville area I have looked up the databases and have hooked the scanner up the pc and got to clone mode and have stopped at that point. I don't no if I have over thought this or what but I can't figure out how to or what position,banks etc. to put the stuff in if anyone can give a old newbie some help it would be greatly appreciated. I have read the alabama forums,the rs164 threads,also most of the newbie stuff but I couldn't really find what i needed . help in the dark Thanks
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