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Apr 2, 2012
Hi everyone Im new to this site and have a few questions.I live in Weymouth Ma. and would like to program my new BCT15X scanner.Im afraid of screwing it up LOL!!!I belong to radio reference and bought ARCO basic at scanner master today.When getting freqs do I have to have my scanner hooked up?I hit import and it says that my scanner is not hooked up?How do I different channels?I would like just Weymouth on channel 1.I have gone everywhere trying to look up how to set this scanner up.By the way I have a bc898t that I did manually.Thanks for all your help STEVE


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Hi Steve - the 15X is a completely different radio using a very different type of memory layout known as DMA or Dynamic Memory Allocation. Before you go any further, there's some reading and things to do first. Before I begin, unless otherwise stated, everything I'm about to mention is linked from here (links are always blue)

Programming Your Uniden Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

A. Don't even bother with the Uniden manual. Go download (or purchase from Scanner Master) the Easier to Read manual for the 15X. No matter what software you use, you need to understand this first.

B. You probably already have a USB cable to connect up your 898. You can use the same one for your 15X, but there's a setup procedure for the ports that must be done first. That procedure I'm pretty sure is also in the Easier to Read manual

C. We also have a DMA FAQ which you should keep handy. It goes into great detail on some topics that the manual doesn't

D. Since you already have a subscription, you can use the ARC software to download data into your software and then up to the scanner. However, I would strongly suggest sitting down and organizing how you want things to be laid out. There are Excel spreadsheets floating around that you can use (likely can be found in the BCT15X Yahoo group files area). Alternately you can go to our Mass. forum and ask for a file (be sure to tell them you have ARC-XT) - and I would also check the Scan New England Files area to see if someone has something you can use as a model. That link will take you away from RR, but I think you will find it worthwhile...

HTH Mike
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