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Newport News chase

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Jan 23, 2003
Yorktown, Virginia
Did anyone catch the chase in Newport News into Hampton last night? Happened around midnight. I didn't catch what started it, but heard it coming and watched it go flying by down Jefferson toward Mercury.

I was going between Harpersville and J. Clyde when I saw the parade go by. Looks like they were chasing a pickup and had used stop sticks to take out the tires. Seems like the worked, lots of smelly smoke coming from the truck when it went by. Followed by some 20 or so NNPD units.

Heard the chase go into Hampton, the wrong way down Mercury. Fortunately no accidents. As I was getting closer to home, the reception started breaking up, but I think the chase ended near the Power Plant.

NNPD reported speeds of 70, even after the guy lost his tire(s). They even reported possible shots fired, but no one could verify it and at least one unit said he thought it was a tire disintigrating.

Any one else have any info? Nothing on the news today and I haven't gone out for the paper yet.

Two things come to mind from this one.

1. I wonder who was protecting Newport News while 20 of their finest were chasing this bad guy.

2. With the erratic driving of the guy being chased, I am glad I don't follow or try to get near chases (other than I was caught at the light when they went by). I thought about going around back to Mercury to see what happened. I could have wound up meeting the chase head on.


Jun 10, 2006
Newprot News Chase

Yes I did- The chase did end between Aberdeen Rd and West Queen St on Mercury in the westboud lanes- Hampton used Tac 3 as a mutual aid to NNPD. I only monitored Hampton during the incident, so I am curious if the mutual aid patch was indicated on the NN system.
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