SDS200 NMP200

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Jun 13, 2002
Eastern MA
I wasn't bothered by the hum reported by others, but I still ordered the NMP200 in case it showed up in the future.

The hum never showed up, but I noticed something that I though odd with my JVC touch screen car radio. When I turned the SDS200 on, there was a very noticeable deterioration in reception on the FM band. When I turned the scanner off, the problem disappeared.

I checked a bunch of different things and decided that before I tear the dash apart to check the grounding on the antenna and radio itself, I'd insall the NMP200.

Installation, for those that haven't done it, is very straightforward. I followed the video on YouTube and had it all done in about 10 minutes.

Oh, the other thing I did was reset the Audio Time Off to 100ms from Infinite. I'd done that before, but never changed the setting in the Profile, so it over wrote.

I've been testing for three or four days and the interference with the FM on the JVC is gone. It's probably my imagination, but the audio on the SDS200 is better as well. Or at least it seems so.

So, even if you don't have the hum problem, if you might want to install the NMP200 as there might be other benefits.
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