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Noob want to get into CB's

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Jul 24, 2017
Somerset NJ
When it comes to radios i am a noob
I drive interstates a lot so i am thinking it might be a good thing to have,

I already have NMO mounts in the car (was already there)

I dont really mind the size of the antenna to a point just NOT over 5ft,

What antenna would be good for a NMO mount? NMO27 any good?

Also what head unit? (like the radio itself) is good and not too expensive (the cheaper the better)

Thank you all so much


Feb 24, 2001
In CB radio, as in most hobbies, you can spend as much or as little as you want. If you have no experience in CB Radio, and you don't know the result of spending a lot vs a little, you're probably going to be disappointed in the hobby if you spend "a little".

You'll get a lot of recommendations for both radios and antennas. My mobile rig is a simple Galaxy 929. For about $130 it gets the job done. I have a back-up mobile rig that cost $35 new but I knew what to expect from it. If I were new to the hobby, the $35 rig might have given me a bad "first impression". Maybe.

There are a number of mobile CB antennas for the NMO mount. Larsen is one that comes to mind. Just Google the subject and you'll get plenty of information.

I always say "put your money in the antenna". A crappy antenna, or a poor installation of a quality antenna, will make a $500 rig perform like that $30 rig!

That's my two cents worth. Have fun in the hobby!


That was a long-winded first post, wasn't it?


Active Member
Feb 11, 2009
The Larsen nmo27 is a well made antenna and only 52inches long

You can't go wrong with Larsen


I ♥ Ø
Jul 27, 2005
I have been using Larsen antennas for decades and the Larsen NMO-27 for as long. In fact, I have the same NMO-27 that I started with almost 30 years ago.
They work well and they are very durable.
If you already have an NMO mount on your vehicle, they are the way to go.
Plus, they look a helluva lot better than some of the cheesy looking CB antennas I've seen.

When it comes to antennas, there is no magic pixy dust that makes one brand work better than another. If you use the same design antenna and they are of identical quality and properly tuned, they will all work the same. They are all governed by the same laws of physics. The trick is purchasing a quality antenna. Larsen has been making commercial/public safety antennas for decades, you won't go wrong with them.

Getting it mounted correctly and tuned for low SWR is what makes the difference. Center of the vehicle roof is best.


Jan 1, 2016
I enjoy using the $50-range compact radios, and have the Cobra 19, Uniden 520 and the Midland 1001z models.

I prefer the simple and small models because I use CBs only in my truck, jeep and highway sedan but do not permanently mount them, preferring to remove them when not being used.

My purpose is not just to chat with people but to get and give information regarding highway conditions relating to safety and alternate route planning in the event of road closures due to accidents etc.

I have several Wilson and K-40 antennas ranging from three- to five-feet long and are all magnetic-based which allows me to move them from vehicle to vehicle and remove them when not needed. Since you already have a permanent mount, you probably would not be interested in magnet-based antennas on that vehicle.

I would recommend an antenna at least four feet long and up to five feet or so if you can accept the length. I do use a three-foot antenna when I need to enter a parking garage because the four and five foot models I use are too long for those low garages so popular in the city. The longer the antenna, the better the performance, but one sometimes must accept compromises for practical reasons.


Jan 13, 2016
Lineville, AL
I got into CB's a few years back with a Cobra model 19 I picked up from a pawn shop for a little of nothing. It's not fancy by any means, but it's pretty cheap to buy new (about $30 from amazon) and when paired with a good antenna, you can hear pretty decent. Oh, and an external speaker isn't a bad idea either... I was in for about $50 with my whole setup at that time. It can get expensive though :)
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