Norfolk Vacation Logs

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Jan 10, 2004
Richmond, VA
Had such a good time scanning during Natofest, that I decided to spend a few days there during vacation just prior to Memorial Day. Unfortunately, the weather was really bad for my first two days, and I lost power steering in the minivan, which limited my movements. Did pick up a few things, though.

156.275 (MC65A) Moran Towing - seems to be the primary outfit working the container ports. Good info on arrivals & departures.
157.075 (MD80A) used ship/ship by Moran Tugs.
156.350 (MC07) barge ops, strong nr Elizabeth River Park. Vane Brothers?
156.375 (MC67) strong near Portside
156.400 (MC08A) stong near NIT. Also, on 5/24, heard helo talking to a ship where it was going to land (in dark, windy weather). Told crew not to approach it until signaled. Told ship it would stand by on 08 and 16 for further comms.
156.425 (MC68) docking someone near 'Ocean Pride'
156.450 (MC09) only one, scratchy transmission. Supposed to be alt. calling for pleasure boats, I think
156.475 (MC69) heard briefly, near Larchmont
156.500 (MC10) "heading to PMT" (possibly McAllister towing)
156.550 (MC11) unk. Eliz. River Ferry?
156.575 (MC71) strong nr Eliz. River Park
156.600 (MC12) Norfolk Port Control - COSCO Vietnam asking to depart NIT South shortly
156.625 (MC72) susp. Craney Island Fuel Depot
156.650 (MC13) Whoever's in the channel, including drawbridges
156.700 (MC14) Norfolk Port Control "comm check"...possibly wit Little Creek harbor control
156.975 (MC79A) "permission to offload" Eliz. River, southern branch
157.075 (MC81A) "Portside 2 to refuel" (in the 90's was USCG marine safety office)
157.125 (MC82A) Navy patrol boat exercise in Willoughby Bay. Threatening to fire on intruder, which was orange colored Navy boat. Actually did fire weapons in sluggish 3-shot bursts. Kinda like a BAR, maybe? Fun to watch!
157.175 (MC83A) - no recordings 5/23-5/25. This is usually USCG H-R sector working freq, and USCG Aux
157.225 (MC84A0 - sounded like a refueling op.

160.710 - Automated voice "Pier 9 to Hampton Branch ready" - Dominion Terminal has a pier IX in Newport News. Could this be the old CSX coal piers?
161.070 - strong at Lamberts Point. NXDN48 RAN:0, no talkgroup. Call made to someone "on 5". Old info from the 90's has this freq as Lamberts Point Pier 5, for coal ships.
160.950 - lots of traffic but nothing identifying. Old info was NS Portlock Yardmaster
161.385 - Gotta be Lamberts Point. Inp of 160.62 also heard there. Old info is LP Car Inspectors
161.280 - definitely car inspectors. Portlock?
161.490 - weak near Lamberts Point

129.350 - Delta Airlines @ ORF
129.450 - ORF outlet for ARINC San Francisco Radio
129.900 - Advising plane to use HF freqs 6586, 5520 sec. - New York Radio?

Time running out. More loggings tonight or tomorrow.

73/Allen (N4JRI)


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Jan 10, 2004
Richmond, VA
More Norfolk vacation loggings

Port Stuff:

Predictably, lots of traffic on 457.525-457.600

457.525 [d265] - along Hampton Blvd.
457.550 [103.5] - "hear you loud & clear topside"
457.550 [107.2] - heard at Ocean View ... CMA/CGM container ship in Thimble Shoals Channel?
457.575 [d156.7] - along Hampton Blvd ... Lamberts Pt?
457.575 [d265] - along Hampton Blvd.... Lamberts Pt?
457.575 [218.1] - near Lamberts Point
457.600 [186.2] - busy, foreign language. Audible over several miles. Must be semi-permanent, because I was also hearing it when I was there at the end of April.

Port Businesses Licensed:
461.775 [d271] - in Chesapeake along Southern Branch - freq licensed to Perdue
461.8875 [123.0] - heard near Portside. licensed to Metro Machine
462.0125 [d743] - heard near NIT north. seemed like stevedoring. lic. to CP&O
462.025 [d115] - heard nr Eliz. River Park. Lyons Shipyard?
463.2375 - poss. DMR. Lic. to NIT and to CP&O
463.6125 [123.0] - lic. to Metro Machine
464.475 [d565] - hear Eliz. River Park. couldn't ID as port type traffic
464.775 [d074] - definitely repeater. licensed to Perdue. Wide coverage...could hear at Willoughby
464.825 [d074] - nr Eliz. River Park. lic. to Perdue. sounds like simplex.
469.525 [d131] - heard in Chesapeake. Colonna's Shipyard?
469.925 [d051] - heard nr NIT. Ceres Marine Terminals?
451.2375 [d246] - US Gypsum?
451.5125 [d246] - US Gypsum ?
456.700 [CSQ] - at Eliz. River Park. "filling with product" Kinder Morgan Liquids at Berkeley?
159.6075 [d306] - Kinder Morgan ? "boom down...get on shore a bit"
160.065 [CSQ] - BAE Ship ?
151.865 [d627] - TransMontagne ? - heard from Eliz River Park.

160.425 [CSQ] - CWRY dispatcher giving train permission to 'staging yard' About 1:30a
160.845 [CSQ] - strong nr Lamberts Point and/or NIT
160.980 [CSQ] - NPBL. Mostly yard traffic nr Eliz River Park. Also poss. associated with rail line going along eastern side of Southern Branch.

More info later...

73/Allen (N4JRI)
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