North sac valley ducting from north coast


Interoperating Spurious Emissions
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Feb 7, 2003
The real northern california
6/13 morning
Just finished installing a radio at work and I always tune in WX to make sure the system works. Southfork Mtn is my go to, Wolf mtn comes in 90% of the time with 1 bar if my antenna is perfect. I suddenly got solid signal on WX3, 162.450 and stopped to listen to its location. It's Horse Mtn from above Eureka. I do not recall ever getting that from Red Bluff in my 35+ years of listening. And nothing from Wolf this morning.

Might be fun to try some Humboldt/Del Norte freqs if you're in the valley or eastern foothills.

Edit: I did end up hearing Wolf, Laughlin Ridge, Diablo as well as Horse and my local Southfork mtn. Quite the VHF spread in norcal this morning!
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