NorthEast Texas Manhunt

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May 15, 2007
Wood County, TX
around 5:30 PM Saturday evening, a Winnsboro Police officer stopped a car on Texas Highway 11 at the East city limits. A passenger in the car took off on foot from the officer. The passenger is believed to be Larry Quinn Young, 35 an escaped Mississippi inmate. Police say he's about 5'9" and 140 lbs. He has green eyes and brown hair. He was last seen wearing a dirty white tank top and blue jeans. The suspect also has several tattoos on his arms and legs

The search lasted till about 1 AM Sunday morning with deputies from Franklin and Wood counties and also Winnsboro PD and Texas DPS. TDCJ Tracking dogs were on scene from the Bonham unit and DPS Helo 106 from Waco was over the area. Last sighting of the suspect was from a Franklin County Unit several miles East of Winnsboro along the Wood/Franklin county line along the rail road tracks. With the heavy woods in the area the suspect is still at large. The suspect is believed to have family in Pittsburg in Camp County
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