Northern California BLM Channels

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Apr 19, 2005
from the 2020 MACS list

BLM Admin NW - 172.6125 R - 166.375 in

BLM Fire NE - 171.625 R - 164.25 in

from the Internet - North Calif BLM District office is in Redding - Arcata Field Office is in Arcata - Redding Field Office is in Redding - (there are 2 more Field Offices iirc)

looking at the recent fire restrictions - Arcata Field Office covers Del Norte County + Humboldt County + Trinity County + Mendocino County - their interactive map shows very little land if any in Del Norte County - looking at the RR Wiki shows 9 mountain top repeaters for the 172.6125 R channel - so that seems to jive with coverage for 3 or 4 counties

also - looking at the recent fire restrictions press release for the Redding Field Office - the Redding Field Office covers BLM lands in Shasta County + Siskiyou County + Butte County + Trinity County + Tehama County

I dont know what geographical areas the RRDB associates with these channels

Searching the BLM website shows northern Calif BLM fire stations at - Whitethorn (in Humboldt County) + Susanville + Ravendale + Alturas + Cedarville


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Mar 1, 2019
The BLM Northern California District is District #2 in the California State Office of the BLM. There are now just 4 field offices located in Arcata, Redding (co located with the district office), Eagle Lake (Susanville) and Applegate (in Alturas). I don't think I have any of the field office numbers, which are so helpful in figuring out unit designators. The Arcata Field Office has the neatest land in the form of the King Range National Conservation Area. The Applegate Field Office is a combination of the old Surprise FO (in Cedarville) and the Alturas FO. Cedarville is small and wonderfully remote and the gateway for a lot of remote northwest Nevada.
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