Not recieving parts of PCSO (Pierce East)

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Oct 20, 2016
I have a brand new BCD436HP scanner and it is not receiving any transmissions for my location, I am in Washington state, Pierce county, (Uniden support ID 612230) walked me through the Sentinel software set up, because I am (dyslectic). All the frequencies for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office in my are in my scanner. But for some reason . It is picking up all the departments channels but the one I am in. Even though it is programmed in. All the setting are correct. Tried changing the Band plan from NFM to FM for that department and the step from 12.5 to 6.5, I think. And no difference. In reception. Can some one help me. It is funny because I can hear my East PCS on the Broadband Web sight for East Pierce County ,Wa..Sheriff Office an can hear my immediate area. But not on this new scanner.
Allso when I talking to uniden tec support. He check to see if this Sheriff office may be encrypted, an it not appear t him that it is.

Any new Ideas, Uniden Support is suppose to get back to me Maybe
Not open for further replies.