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Jun 19, 2010
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This incident going down yesterday. I even wrote down phrases the agents were saying- & recognized the shops discussed in their conversation

A lot of Arizona federal frequencies have been in the clear. I add all frequencies including P25e into Freescan. Been hearing exciting things all month. I scribble down notes & things onto piece of note paper I find interesting about the incidents. I was not surprised to hear them in the clear, even though they show as "Encrypted" channels in the database, I've heard things like this before. Night before last, I caught another, different story that was also in the news- that lady who shot at officers after she crashed. I got to hear an agent? officer? tell them to send in the K9, seconds later an agent/ofcr called in to supervisor "for a medic for the dog bite" I assume ex military, using term 'medic'- & overheard that EMTs already treated & released the person back to agents as bite was not serious (darn it)

It was particularly thrilling overhearing the first incident "go down" as I was listening as each action the "Target" they did refer to him/her? as "the target"- do their moment by moment actions & actions relayed to other agents/ofcrs on the radio, heard them say "it's ok, we got it all 'on tape'" and so on. I recognized the stores & business names mentioned during the surveill, as this is in my general neighborhood- a not-so-good part of town.

I won't post frequencies, any regular RR member can easily find them, & frankly even though these incidents are in the (recent) past, I don't feel comfortable posting them( frequencies that is) here.

They are listed as Arizona frequencies in the database, however.

Admin feel free to relocate this thread, not sure if for Fed Forums, Interesting Things Overheard on Scanner, or what. These channels aren't listed in the Nationwide frequencies database fyi.
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